Elizabeth Santry



Elizabeth is an artist, brand analyst, educator, entrepreneur, and advocate for the creative economy. Her creative intuition is matched by analytical sensibilities. Her approach to work is a mix of academia and 'do-it-yourself' hustle. She has dedicated herself to explore the entrepreneurial needs of all types of business'. In every project or role, she leads with clarity and respect.

She's worked at Fortune 100 business to small start-ups and non-profits. She earned a B.F.A. at the University of the Arts then served in AmeriCorps’ N.C.C.C. on the West Coast. She spent almost a decade specializing in e-commerce. Later she earned a M.A. from the London College of Fashion where she studied the ecosystem of branding. While overseas, she produced and hosted a podcast about creative professionals called Have Mic Will Travel. The show is primary research identifying the keys to a sustainable creative career around the world. As founder of LIFEWORK BUILD, she was hired to manage the Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship. At I.H.H.E. she produced the Institute's monthly sessions and supported eager entrepreneurs as they launched their businesses. Recently she strategized the launch of a resource website powered by Small But Mighty Arts. 

Away from work, you will find her volunteering at youth centers, traveling to visit friends, or trying to make Uber drivers laugh.   


Athena Sakaya Panton

Digital Research and Development Fellow

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Athena is a Wharton business student that never quite fit the mold. Her concentration is in Decision Processes which applies the principles of psychology to the problems in business. She has always been intrigued by influence and how a few are able to impact many. She balances her pragmatic nature with a healthy appreciation of whimsy. In life and business, she prioritizes relationships, resourcefulness, and action.

She has worked with non-profits and early stage startups to develop a specific brand identity through social media. Through her work, she has developed an understanding of marketing and search engine optimization. She is excited about storytelling through video production which she explores through LinkedIn and Instagram TV.

When not studying or working, Athena can be found dancing, practicing inversions, or talking to strangers.