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Typically an artist selects one discipline to study and practice. As they say, “you can be anything, just not everything.” Suggesting sound logic is to pick a lane and stick with it. Makes sense. The goal is to master the discipline so you can enjoy the benefits, right? A steady income and professional recognition are what most artists want. So what happens when an artists feels the desire to change disciplines? Making this type of change isn’t just professional. As you develop and strengthen your craft, at some point it intertwines with your life. It can even become how people define you.

Switching your medium or discipline may feel scary. But know that it’s totally nature to evolve your practice into something else. You mustn’t let fear or doubt dictate your future choices. The best word of advice is to stay productive and follow your own creative flow. The work will find its way into your profession...if you allow it. Listen how Brian Pineda, a UArts graduate, change up his practice and his clients because he followed his gifts and his intuition.