THE FEELING OF SUCCESS - via Corzo Center Blog

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Achieving your dreams is solely your responsibility. It’s a lonely grind! Wake, work, innovate, sleep, repeat. Once you develop an effective ‘goal setting’ strategy, professional progress can come to you quick. You might even start living out your dreams. But some artists have said that success doesn’t always feel good as imagined. Strange, right? Welcome to what’s called the “imposter syndrome”. 

When you are still trying to “make it”, you might not be aware of this syndrome. And let me be frank, to “make it” as an artist is simply to have enough money to eat and pay rent. But once you start to gain success, you may unexpectedly experience despair. Imposters syndrome is a psychological reaction to one’s never ending crave for satisfaction. Long story short: Success is a state of mind. You have to decide to feel successful. This insight isn’t meant to discourage you but to encourage you to have a deeper relationship with yourself. Listen to designer and painter, Kris Chau describe how it felt when it happened to her.