Strategy Sessions with lifework



Syreeta Martin

"Elizabeth helped me to cut away the fat of my idea and get to the meat of what I really wanted to create. She provided perspective, industry knowledge and a strategy to apply it. I walked away from our consultation ready to serve the world greatness!"  Media + Communications

Jordan Isreal

"Our branding strategy session gave me a refreshed perspective on my business. You gave me so much to consider. Being a young business owner isn’t easy but you help me to stay true to my brand." Videographer

Peter Bakken

"Elizabeth really inspired me to expand my business goals using creative strategy and not to sell myself short of my capabilities. She quickly opened my eyes for potential business growth and opportunities that I have not thought about. As an artist I struggle seeing things from an outsider's view. It was refreshing to have such positive and creative insight from Elizabeth and I recommend her to anyone trying to expand there views of self growth and or business potential."  Photographer

Marcus Hashim

"Elizabeth helped me understand the importance of organizing and establishing the foundation of my business in the early stages. Our talks about society and creative ways to reach  them keep me brainstorming and finding innovative ways to be myself and share it with the world."  Entrepreneur

Nashirah Felder

"Elizabeth has helped me with so many things from a personal and business perspective. She's helped me create an identity for my personal brand as a DJ and my separate platform which connects artists from all over the city. "  Cool Hunter